Your flue and chimney will be inspected and swept by a professionally trained chimney sweep assessed to recognised national standards and registered as a member of both The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and Sweep Safe.

All services supplied by Premier Chimney Sweeping Services are carried out in good faith; while visual inspections are always carried out on the appliance and chimney / flue, due to the concealed nature of chimneys / flues and associated appliances, any information supplied should not be relied upon as a guarantee that the appliance and/or chimney / flue are safe and/or free of faults or issues related to age, weathering, misuse, poor installation and/or maintenance.

Premier Chimney Sweeping Services will assume (unless explicitly told otherwise by the keyholder of the property) that the appliance is correctly and safely installed and is in a fit state to be serviced / swept.

If a fault occurs during sweeping, this will not be deemed to be the fault of Premier Chimney Sweeping Services; for an appliance and the chimney / flue to be considered fit for use, it must be in such a condition that it can be safely cleaned and tested. If any damage to the appliance and/or chimney / flue is caused during sweeping, this suggests an underlying fault which was exposed by the sweeping process.

In the event of being unable to sweep an appliance / flue due to access issues, inappropriate installation or other hazards not disclosed at the time of booking, Premier Chimney Sweeping Services reserves the right to charge a £30 fee. This covers the time involved in investigating the nature of the problem, the advice that will be given regarding any remedial work involved to make the installation safe, and the completion of any relevant paperwork.

A fee of £30 will be applied if, upon arriving at an appointment, Premier Chimney Sweeping Services are unable to gain access to the property.